Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How To Deliver a Killer Presentation That Will Earn You That Grade You Want

Do you want to impress the professor and make sure you get an excellent grade? Do you want to leave an impression on your new boss? You could spend hours in the library or on the net researching your topic and making sure you will have a firm grip on every fact and opinion, issues and opinions or you could just get yourself a wishy washy understanding while focusing on what really matters: the presentation. Once you learn a little and have a great presentation you will be perceived far better than someone who knows everything but has poor presentation skills. The fact of the matter is. content matters, but the execution must be eye catching. Here are some tips that will make your presentation unforgettable.

1. Bring Cookies

It might seem like pandering, and that you will be perceived as trying to buy a grade. Maybe so! That’s precisely what it does, but for reasons you will possibly not think. The point of bringing cookies, or any sort of treat, to the class, is just to acquire folks in a good and comfortable mood. You will see someone there who is a touch peckish and can consider your snack a life saver. There’ll be other people who have a sweet tooth and will also be so psyched about the treat. Even those who will look disapprovingly at you will reluctantly and gratefully take a be and treat more prepared to hear your presentation. At any rate, you will be remembered and definitely stand out from the crowd. That can only help!

2. Go Pro using the Presentation

If you’re thinking of getting away with just a few handouts or a boring old Power Point presentation, you might too write that "B" down with your grade book yourself. No-one is going to be astounded by your moving images on Power Point, and the words swooping in. We’ve all seen it and it’s boring. So, go big or go home, I say. Do what the pros get and do real presentation materials. For example, you can utilize retractable banner stands to possess your topics and themes actually swoop in (as opposed to on the pc) almost like a genuine life power point presentation. How cool will that be? These materials are pretty cheap online at places like, and it’ll be worth the investment (and you can reuse them for next presentation! ).

3. Dress for Success

In these days of slovenly attire, most college kids get by with sweats and sports team t-shirts. You peer a mess. And that’s ok, everyone’s doing it, and when everyone’s doing it, you don’t stand out. However, when it comes time to present, you need to stand out, and there’s no better technique of doing that rather than to go old fashioned and wear a tie and suit, or nice dress if you are of the female selection of human. If he or she tries to tell themselves which they won’t be swayed, dress up and provide well - the formal attire provides you with a sense of confidence which translates to your presentation and will impress the professor, even. Works every time!

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